Belgium-based Yacht Management for BeNeLux Owners

With an ever-shifting operational and fiscal maritime environment, there is a real benefit for BENELUX-based yacht owners in choosing a Belgium-based yacht management company –regardless of the vessel’s flag state. At EXMAR Yachting, we speak your language. OWNER’S REPRESENTATIVE BENELUX As owner or investor(s), it is useful and even important to work with an Owner’s Representative who literally and figuratively speaks your language.

Speak Your Language
Finding someone with similar cultural habits allows for better representation, speaking the same language makes it easier to translate the ever-changing financial- and maritime landscape, and having a representative nearby allows for quick turnarounds. Whether it concerns an owner or an Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO), we offer Owner’s Representatives in all yacht-related fields, from commercial to technical and operational representation.

As a Belgium-based Yacht Management company, we tick all the boxes for BeNeLux yacht owners. But what few might realise is that this is regardless of where an owner chooses to flag their vessel.

A yacht’s ownership structure can be anywhere in the world, whichever country or even offshore. As we see it, proximity to the (UB)Owner is more relevant than proximity to a yacht’s flag state. We have extensive knowledge and experience with ships under different flags. That means that our Owner’s Representatives are flag-state-flexible and a trustworthy, knowledgeable party for all BeNeLux-based yacht owners.

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