Fractional Yacht Ownership

Fractional yacht ownership combines the best of yacht ownership and chartering. With a lower initial investment and shared running costs, you don’t have to worry about charter revenues because the usage is already optimised between you and your ownership partner. The same goes for maintenance, of which costs are split between the owners. Luxury lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. 


Different from the growing popularity of time-sharing (i.e., chartering a yacht), fractional ownership is an actual legal ownership status. Similar to time-sharing, however, is that it is a financially interesting option with a lower environmental footprint.

You can choose to share ownership with a friend or family member, or EXMAR Yachting can help find the best compatible co-owner for you. Depending on various elements, such as the nationality of the corporate body owning the vessel, the yacht can be registered in any number of flagstates. With each owner’s individual desires and demands in mind, a fractional yacht ownership agreement can be made for either pre-owned or new build yachts.

We can act as the management of the vessel and as owner’s representative to assure peace of mind. This way, all matters are continuously taken care of to ensure professionalism, transparency and value for money at every stage.

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