New Build Yacht Construction

Is there anything better than owning a yacht, you ask? In essence, no, not really (but this might be the only thing we are biased on!). However, you can level it up by commissioning your own, custom-designed new build yacht.

If you are a prospective owner of a new build yacht or have already commissioned your own bespoke vessel, EXMAR Yachting has all levels of technical- and operational dedicated staff and crew members at hand to assist you in the construction of your dream vessel on-site and at the shipyard. We can offer you turnkey solutions when it comes to final assembly, launching, sea trials, commissioning, administration, flagging and your maiden voyage.


With our in-house and network’s know-how, your wildest dreams are within reach. With help of EXMAR Yachting, you can commission a new build yacht from scratch, together designing and planning out your ultimate superyacht to the smallest, but never insignificant, details. From the drawing board to the welcome on board; EXMAR Yachting coordinates every step of the way. Through our comprehensive global network of suppliers, we can ensure timeliness and with EXMAR Group’s maritime innovation and construction experience, nothing is left to chance when it comes to realising your very own dream yacht.


A smaller time and financial investment, is to start with our concept yachts. This way, you can start from a solid foundation and customise it to meet your personal desires and demands. Of course, EXMAR Yachting will assist you in doing so with your set timeframe and budget in mind.

From the drawing board to the welcome on board

Exmar Yachting is currently developing 3 concept yachts. Each yacht will have a completely different approach to the yachting industry: Economical, Ecological and Emotional. Needless to say, all three elements will be implemented in all three yachts; however, each will have one of three as its foundation.

  • The Economical concept yacht will be developed in order to be able to build and operate the yacht at a financially interesting budget whilst offering the luxury and capabilities of the most expensive superyachts. A perfect fit for Private Owners or for companies who wish to maximise charter revenues.
  •  The Emotional yacht will be the most elegant Sailing Yacht anyone has ever encountered. Together with EXMAR Technical, using the innovative and constructional knowledge of EXMAR Group combined with our years of personal and professional experience in the yachting industry, the Emotional yacht will be a feast for the eye as well as a dream to traverse the oceans with.
  • The Ecological yacht was designed together with Diana Yacht Design, an independent naval architecture and design company. Closely following the development of hydrogen-powered vessels, we decided a clean and green yacht was the way forward. The Blue Angel is the perfect yacht for those who care deeply about the planet whilst wishing to maintain a luxury lifestyle. This hydrogen superyacht is designed as the perfect family home away from home, with its slick layout matching this original purpose.


Protecting and nurturing the investment you have made in your asset over the long term is our common goal. Regardless of the age of your seafaring lady, needs and desires can change over time. With our technical knowledge and your priorities at the top, any time is a good time for an upgrade or a refit if you so desire.

Maintain your new or existing yacht to the highest technical standard is the heart of it all. That’s why your yacht will always receive a combination of planned as well as condition-based maintenance.

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