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Overlooking the River Scheldt from our offices, EXMAR Yachting HQ is based in the historic port city of Antwerp. Part of EXMAR Group, renowned as a leading force in innovative international shipping solutions, our background in every single aspect of seafaring is endless. Together with their diverse, professional experience, we have the broadest maritime knowledge of the entire yachting industry. That means we know how to navigate cost-effective operational services while never losing sight of our professional high standards. 

Much more importantly, EXMAR Yachting is Belgium’s leading manager of luxury motor yachts, sailing yachts and catamarans. Our expertise and contacts, have a global reach.


~ The broadest marine knowledge of the entire yachting industry ~


With multiple luxury yachts under our management, EXMAR Yachting assists owners in building, refurbishing, maintaining and vessel-specific crewing for their precious assets. Our services also include flagging selection, legislation and contracts. So whether you are a yacht owner or in search of the ultimate yacht for sale, EXMAR Yachting will make your dream a reality. Because your pleasure is our business.

Our Team

Part of the EXMAR Group, our team is much broader than we could ever even try to explain. All you have to know is that you’ll reap the benefit of years of professional experience in a cost-effective way. It is our honour to top expectations even within the luxury industry, taking the notion of ‘full service’ to the next level for you. 

Curious to get to know us better? Contact us with any and all of your queries. 

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Why work with us

EXMAR Yachting provides a highly discreet, personal and professional service to its exclusive clientele. As a full-service yacht brokerage, it is our honour to take care of every detail. Whether you’re looking for outstanding crew for a specific vessel or a dream-come-true new build yacht; EXMAR Yachting’s expert team is dedicated to turn any desires and demands into reality.  

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