About Naples

The biggest European active volcano Vesuvius, pizza, opera, football, picturesque bays, bubbling markets – Naples is quintessential Italy. Take pizza, for instance. This dish was originally invented here, in Naples. And while pizza is made in every nook and cranny of the world, here it is elevated to the form of art. No wonder UNESCO added Neapolitan pizza-making process to the intangible cultural heritage list. East of Naples you will find Pompeii and Herculaneum, Roman towns buried by Vesuvius eruption. No other place gives you a deeper insight into life and ways of Romans. The towns today look almost exactly the way they did in 79 A.D., before the eruption.

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From 27,000 EUR / wk
Itama Yachts
23.50 m
6 guests
Douce France 2022

Douce France

From 99,500 EUR / wk
42.20 m
12 guests

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