Italy – 8 days itinerary – Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast


Italy – 8 days itinerary – Gulf of Naples and Amalfi Coast

8 days
Nautical Miles
  • Day 1: Naples – Procida – Ischia
  • Day 2: Ischia – Sorrento
  • Day 3: Sorrento – Capri
  • Day 4: Capri – Capri
  • Day 5: Capri – Nerano – Positano
  • Day 6: Positano, Amalfi , Li Galli,  Amalfi
  • Day 7: Amalfi – Sant’Angelo d’Ischia-Naples
  • Day 8: Sant’Angelo d’Ischia – Naples

Day 1: Naples - Procida - Ischia

The yacht will start her charter from the Molo Luise in the best area of Naples, Mergellina or at her beautiful home port Marina di Stabia. After a little welcome cocktail , guests will accommodate and the Captain will direct the yacht to the sunny and colourful Island of Procida.

The smallest of the Flegrean Islands, situated between the mainland and the larger island of Ischia, just a few miles. The island is full of colours, simple and rightful. The most picturesque and charming spot is the Coricella. This is a thin sliver of waterfront backed by a cliff made of colourful fishermen’s houses. Your yacht will anchor in a nice bay on the north-western shore, Cala del Pozzo Vecchio, a scenic round bay beneath cliffs, where part of the movie Il Postino was filmed or just near la Coricella.

Guests will relax, take a swim and have lunch before leaving to one of the many anchorages or to a Marina in Ischia, the big green island, in the port of Casamicciola or in the little village of Forio. Here the yacht  will stop for the evening that comes alive there with a vibrant movida.

Day 2: Ischia - Sorrento

After a nice lazy breakfast guests will discover the large, sprawling green island. As well as sandy beaches and blue sea, the island also boasts natural thermal springs with healing properties  and the spa complexes which are another major holiday attraction. Ischia is famous for its warm waters, which welcome visitors to its animated ports. Ischia is part of a large volcanic area that was very active in the distant past and its rocks and mountains bear witness to their volcanic formation. A small isthmus, alongside a packed beach, connects the mainland to a rocky outcrop, which was once topped by a tower. In Roman times, the island belonged to the Emperor Augustus who took a fancy to it, and swapped it for his island of Ischia and, his successor Tiberius,  made it his home when Rome became too hot to hold him. You can still visit the ruins of his villas, and appreciate the spell that charmed the Emperors. After a nice cold sophisticated lunch under the shade of the yacht’s aft cockpit prepared by the Stewardess/Chef, guests will relax, take a swim do some snorkelling or water sports and then on late afternoon leave to the so well known town of Sorrento directed to the old harbour.

Day 3: Sorrento - Capri

Sorrento is situated on a terrace 50 metres high, sloping steeply into the sea. This town is calm and tranquil, with only a handful of beautiful beaches. Main drawcard of Sorrento is its nature: landscapes, sea, lush greenery and salubrious air. It is ideal destination if you want to alternate the beach and water sports with enlightening tours and excursions. As for souvenirs and presents, Limoncello di Sorrento, a strong fragrant liqueur made of locally grown lemons, is probably the best option.

Capri is an undeniable tourist Mecca, with thousands of visitors from all over the world coming here every year, in spite of the fact that you won’t find sandy beaches here, only pebbles and large slabs of rock.

Indented coastline, stupendous grottoes and caves (think White Grotto, Blue Grotto and Green Grotto, and the list is not exhaustive), the unbelievable Natural Arch (Arco Naturale), ancient ruins (Villa Jovis) never fail to impress visitors.

Water here is of unrivalled transparency, you can clearly see the bottom even where the sea is 10 metres deep. One of the Capri drawcards is I Faraglioni, imposing rocks rising vertically out of sapphire sea.

Day 4: Capri - Capri

Waking up in Capri has some magic. The Stewardess/Chef will pamper you with an exquisite breakfast with her home made bread and pastries and the Captain will propose you the plan of the day which will be all dedicated to this marvellous island. You will either visit the many famous coves as the Grotta Azzurra (blue grotto) and have a swim and lunch at the south side of the Faraglioni or at the white and blue beach restaurant Il Riccio which owns a Michelin star.

After a lunch made by the best products of the sea and by the local orchards,  according to your preferences,  you may either relax under the sun, playing with water toys or just move to visit Punta Carena and Marina Piccola and circumnavigate the entire island reaching Punta Massullo where you may have a look at the outstanding red coloured Villa  Malaparte (one of the best examples of Italian modern and contemporary architecture just in the middle of the rock !). Coming back to your berth in Marina Grande you may want to go ashore and reach Anacapri to visit the Villa Jovis (the largest twelve Tiberian villas in Capri).

At night you will relax and have dinner on board under the lights of this magnificent place dreaming of your next trip to Positano on the following day.

Day 5: Capri – Nerano - Positano

Just a few miles separate Capri from Punta Campanella which opens to the the Amalfi Coast here known as “La Costiera” . From this point on you will experience the beauty of the sea and  the softness of the agrume’s perfumed and colorful coast.  After a stop for swimming and lunch in the lovely bay of Jeranto and Marina del Cantone in Nerano where you could also go for lunch to the renowned restaurant da Maria Grazia and enjoy the spaghetti and zucchini  that have made this simple place so famous . After lunch and a good Neapolitan coffee, your yacht will head to the enchanting Positano where, if the sea will allow, the yacht will anchor for the night.  The writer John Steinbeck said about Positano: “It is a dream  place that isn't quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”. The pastel colors -­ primrose, pink, terracotta, peach and white ‐ give the town a theatrical aspect that couldn't be mistaken for anywhere else. Many are the villas and the 5 stars hotels that overlook the clear blue waters.  One of them the fascinating  Villa tre Ville, a private Eden that belonged to Italian theatre/movie director Franco Zeffirelli, surrounded by lush gardens and
secluded terraces where you may have a drink at sunset or stay for dinner and enjoy the magic of the Positano’s nights, one of the jewel of Italy fabled Amalfi Coast.

Day 6: Positano, Amalfi , Li Galli, Amalfi

From Positano , after a rich breakfast composed by local huge pastries and filled croissants, your Captain will head the yacht to visit the Archipelago of  Li Galli (the Roosters) comprised of 3 little islands  just in front of Positano. Several sirens were said to have inhabited the islands that were also an ancient roman anchorage.  One of them, Gallo Lungo, has been a property of Russian choreographer Massine and of the dancer Rudolf Nureyef who spent his last years in the outstanding beauty of the place.

Ater lunch , some swimming and relaxing in one of the many enchanting beaches around Positano, the yacht will direct to Amalfi where the yacht will be moored at the pontoon for the night. You might either choose to visit the town with its impressive Cathedral, a 9th-­‐century Roman Catholic structure in the Piazza del Duomo, or going up for a 6 km road, to the amazing sophisticated Ravello,  visit the gardens and then stop at sunset for an aperitive or dinner at the Rossellini’s in the Terrazza Belvedere of the historical Palazzo Avino, a 12th century private villa, overlooking the whole Amalfi Coast, for an unforgettable authentic and creative Italian meal.

Day 7 - Amalfi - Sant'Angelo d’Ischia-Naples

The next day, on your way back to Ischia we will pass again  along Positano, Nerano, Punta Campanella and maybe you would like  to anchor and  have a a nice lunch on board and practice some water sports or just relax in one of the many beaches. At afternoon  your Captain will head to the south side of the green island to the nice tiny harbor of the picturesque Sant’ Angelo d’Ischia and, this time,  the yacht will spend the night there. Sant’ Angelo, an ancient fishing village and now popular destination for international tourists, is actually the jewel of the Island of Ischia and it is famous for its square, its narrow colorful streets and its silent and discrete charm.

Sant’Angelo d’Ischia – Naples

This is the day of disembark, embraces, last photos and after breakfast the yacht will head again to Napoli where the crew will wish you all the best and  a driver will wait at the quay to bring you to your next adventure in Italy or … back home with the blue and the timeless charm of the Amalfi Coast still in your eyes for long long time.

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