How to charter a yacht

Role of a Charter Broker

What does a yacht charter broker do, and why do you need one?

The world of yachts is mysterious, luxurious and demanding world. Having a personal guide, as an independent broker, gives a big comfort and advantage, as they will make your journey into yachting a more pleasant and much less stressful experience. But what are the advantages of working wit a yacht charter broker and is it really necessary?

How to charter itinerary

Charter Without a Broker

Every yacht for charter, whether big or small, has a managing company that represents the yacht owner and deals with the chartering process. It is common for potential yachties to think, ‘let me just find out who the yacht belongs to and book directly without commissioning a broker’. This thought process seems logical, until you stop to realise that you will end up in direct contact with the managing company, representing the interests of the yacht owner. Great for them, but not necessarily great for you. 

This is where the importance of having a reliable, independent yacht charter broker becomes clear, as their concern is the interest of the charter clients or their agents. A reliable broker knows their charter yachts inside and out, from crew languages to vessel specs and every detail in between. A broker can also suggest alternative yachts that might be an even better fit, yachts that you would not know about without their assistance, as they can tap into exclusive portfolios worldwide. This way, an independent broker helps you find the perfect yacht for your specific dreams and demands, as well as optimise your on-board experience.


The Holiday of your Dreams

Now that your broker booked your dream charter, it’s time to fill in the details. Without a charter broker; how will you know whether your booking will meet your expectations? You won’t, until you’re out at open sea and there is nothing you can do to change it anymore. But when you book through a broker, all the details are taken care of before you even set foot on board.

By means of a chat and a questionnaire, a charter broker makes sure that every day, you are served your favourite drinks and dishes. That your itinerary is the ideal combination of adventure and leisure, just the way you imagined. Your broker makes sure that your dreams and demands are met and that your interests remain represented from start to finish and beyond, all without doing the hassle yourself!


Post-Holiday Blues

The holiday-after is no one’s favourite part, but your charter broker will cushion the blows for you. When you work with an independent broker, there will be no unpleasant surprises upon return. They know charter contracts by heart. As they are here to make sure your interests are taken care of, they will happily check-check-double-check even the lengthiest contracts before you sign anything. An added win!  

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