EXMAR Yachting’s First Golf Trophy at Royal Latem Golf Club

This past Saturday, EXMAR Yachting hosted its very first golf trophy at Royal Latem Golf Club. It was a great opportunity to see some of our clients again and their enthusiasm and sportsmanship were contagious, even despite the typical Belgian weather. 

We are excited to organise more events for our clients to connect on new levels.⁣
You can find us at these events:
– AB-Events Haspengouwen tour on May 7th
– F1 Monaco from May 26-29
– Royal Kapellen Golf event on June 11th
– ‘Le Sud entre Amis’-tour (Corsica & Sardinia) from June 19-23

Would you like us to be present at a different event or would you like to join one of the events above?
Feel free to contact us with suggestions or to invite us to own events.


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