A first-time charterer’s testimonial

A yacht charter is the preferred way to spend the holidays for many. For some, however, it is an entirely new experience. A first that leaves one wanting more, as first-time charterer Oswald  V recently discovered. He started, enjoyed and ended his trip in ultimate holiday-mode, as his charter came with a doorstep-to-destination-and-beyond service. “I had no idea such a service even existed!”

Luxury Yacht aerial view

Carefree and Trustworthy

Organising a trip abroad can come with many challenges, of which the first is always; where to even start? “You end up spending hours and hours browsing the web, only to find options you don’t know whether to trust or not. It is so overwhelming,” Oswald explains. “When I got in contact with EXMAR Yachting, it was as simple as putting down our wishes. A few days later, we received a few offers that matched our search.”

As a busy professional, having someone else filter options and arrange the to-do’s can be an essential element to a carefree holiday. EXMAR Yachting can take care of every step and detail from the second you close your front door at home.

“We were travelling with a group of six, —some were flying in, others were driving and so on. I was surprised to realise that the Captain knew exactly who was to arrive when; our charter broker had briefed the crew about every tiny detail. All we had to do was communicate our wishes during the booking process and pack our bags.”

It's like a five-star wedding planner for your holidays


EXMAR Yachting always makes sure they know a client’s wishes and demands before boarding. Broker Maxim: “A yacht charter is about much more than the yacht itself: the crew, a personalised itinerary and a client’s preferred food and beverage options on board are all key ingredients of a truly relaxing holiday. On board, everything has to flow in sync with the client’s expectations. You can’t just switch people around or go grocery shopping at open sea, it is all about synergy.” 

Oswald can only reiterate how well-synced it all was. “Everything went smooth, from our first inquiry to the actual trip and our return home. We ended up having every meal on board, something I didn’t think I would enjoy. I thought I would want the freedom to go ashore for dinner, but everything was just so perfectly arranged on board that we did not want to leave. I would describe it as hiring a professional wedding planner; it is such a luxury to find a trust-worthy team of experts to arrange your holiday in the most pleasant and carefree way.” 

Highly Recommended

Yacht chartering is the ultimate holiday luxury, Oswald can now confirm: “From the second you enter the yacht, all you have to do is enjoy your time. That’s why we thoroughly enjoyed chartering: it leaves us flexible and we can opt for a brand-new yacht with every next charter!”

EXMAR Yachting holds the slogan ‘your pleasure, our business’ very close. “I highly recommend them; there are so many nuances we had no clue about, but they are experts in all luxury travel-related areas. To be honest, I don’t know why we never realised a service like this existed. It’s definitely not the last time we’ll be contacting them!”


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