Enter the SEYCHELLES Experience


Enter the SEYCHELLES Experience

7 days
Nautical Miles
110 miles
  • DAY 1: Mahe – 5 nm approximately
  • DAY 2: Morne Seychellois National Park & Sainte Anne Marine National Park – 3 nm
  • DAY 3: Silhouette – 20 nm approximately
  • DAY 4: Praslin – 31 nm approximately
  • DAY 5: Curieuse – 8 nm approximately
  • DAY 6: La Digue – 9 nm approximately
  • DAY 7: Ile Cocos – 4 nm approximately
  • DAY 8: Mahe disembarkation  – 30 nm approximately

Satin sanded beaches, impressive granite boulders rising from the warm turquoise seas and jungle-carpeted hills; that’s what Seychelles is all about. Boasting an array of exotic flora and fauna, from giant tortoises and rare birds to the coco de mer palm, the 43 granite islands and 72 coral cays which form the Seychelles are the definition of paradise.

Offering plentiful opportunities for diving, snorkelling, hiking and of course relaxing, Seychelles has it all.Breathtakingly beautiful, pristine and serene, yet with plenty of entertainment options in the forms of bars and restaurants, where you can indulge on the local cuisine consisting of a plethora of fresh local fish, seafood and exotic fruits.

Day 1: Mahe

Your charter starts from Mahe, the largest of the Seychelles islands complex, which covers 157.3 sqkm and is the epicentre of shops and evening entertainment. Mahe is the international travel hub but also boasts a plethora of over 65 white sand beaches, numerous dive- and snorkel spots. The added bonus for any explorer; a jade green interior of jungle and granite peaks – the summit of Morne Seychellois peaking 1000m above the sea. The captain will navigate you around the scenic northern tip of Mahe for snorkelling, and around secluded coves like Carana, with its palm trees and granite boulders, to the sandy Beau Vallon bay. If you are feeling lucky, this is a good spot to anchor, as it has a casino resort. 

Not ready to take a bet? Continue towards Baie Ternay Marine National Park and Port Launay, both perfect for snorkelling. Beware though, as whale sharks are a common sight between August and October. Highlights include Anse Takamaka (you can take a tour of the rum distillery), Petite Anse, Anse Soleil, Anse a La Mouche and – perfect for long waterside walks and instagram reels – Grande Anse.

Day 2: Morne Seychellois National Park & Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Morne Seychellois National Park 

The Morne Seychellois National Park consists of more than 20% of Mahe’s glorious jungle interior, making it the biggest park in Seychelles. With a vast landscape spectrum - coastal mangrove forests, dense jungle and mist-covered peaks - a guided hike is the best way to learn about the islands’ flora, fauna and it’s evolution. Visit the nearby ruins of the first school, built by British missionaries in 1875  for the children of freed slaves, or opt to tour a working tea plantation. 

Sainte Anne Marine National Park

Situated east of Victoria, Mahe’s capital, eight islands and islets constitute the Sainte Anne Marine National Park. Established in 1973, it’s the first of its kind in the Indian Ocean. With stunning beaches, warm emerald waters and a palette of coral gardens, it is a gem in the Seychelles’ Inner Islands. The views below the water are as breathtaking as it gets. Snorkeling and diving is a class experience on its own. You will spot eagle rays, sea turtles, huge numbers of tropical fish and corals. If diving is your passion, the sea between Sainte Anne and Moyenne Islands is calling your name. For the less adventurous; Sainte Anne, the largest of the islands, and Cerf offer a number of options for cocktails with a view and local creole speciality feasts. Several of the islands offer interesting histories ready to be discovered. Don’t hesitate to ask the crew.

Day 3: Silhouette

Northwest of Mahe, Silhouette is one more Seychellois hidden paradise. It is renowned for its vast spectrum of biodiversity; giant tortoises, terrapins and a variety of rare bird species live amongst its pristine green forested peaks and clear waters. Diving, fishing or other tours can be arranged by your crew at the harbour village of La Passe. Beaches on Silhouette look like you’ve been teleported to another planet, such as on Anse Mondon, Anse Lascar, Anse Patate and Grand Barbe. For the discerning client who wants to combine yachting with relaxing at a resort, you will find one of the most exclusive resorts in the Caribbean 6km north of Silhouette.

Cousin & Cousine Islands

Sailing to Praslin from Sainte Anne, the captain will navigate you through the small marine park islands of Cousine, with anchorage available at Cousin. Just 1km in diameter, Cousin is home to fairy terns, white-tailed tropicbirds and shearwaters. If you are a keen birdwatcher, the granite island of Aride offers seclusion and serenity for plenty more birdspotting opportunities.

Day 4: Praslin

Being the second largest island of the Seychelles, Praslin is an amazing tropical paradise full of wildlife, beautiful beaches and majestic takamaka trees. Praslin is well-known as the Island of Palms due to its abundant endemic palm species found only there. There are many things to do on Praslin from beach-hopping to nature trail hiking, from kayaking and snorkelling to diving. For those who enjoys swimming and sunbathing, Praslin’s beaches are numerous and pristine. 



Day 5:Curieuse

The island of Curieuse is the shelter of a carefully protected population of around 500 giant Aldabra tortoises, the Seychelles Black Parrots, Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles and coco de mer palms. The island used to be called the Red Island because of the distinctive colour of the soil, but then the French renamed it in 1768. Keep in mind that anchorage is only permitted in specific areas of the island. Local authorities protect the thick mangroves, where sea turtles lay their eggs (mainly in November & December). 



Day 6: La Digue

La Digue is the third largest of the islands, has an ocean hideaway feel, as well, of course, as offering a variety of the signature Seychelles’ stunning white sand beaches and jade green seas. The island is home to the only remaining population of the black paradise flycatcher, a draw for birdwatchers. 

The l’Union Estate and Copra Factory, a former coconut and vanilla plantation that is a real insight into La Digue colonial history, is a “must see” landmark of the island. The island’s most famous beach, Anse Source d’Argent, with its snow-white sand, aquamarine water, and offshore reef, will change your usual perception about all the beaches in the world. Millions of tourists flock here every year for the towering granite rock formations, some of the most-photographed formations on Earth.


Day 7: Ile Cocos

Close to the north coast of La Digue, the Ile Cocos Marine National Park is a small group of granite islets whose coral waters are perfect for snorkelling and diving. Get ready to play with eels, fish, rays, turtles and even whale sharks! 

Bird & Denis Islands

On the most northern end of Seychelles, you find the tiny coral islands of Bird and Denis, which are all about flora and fauna. Observe numerous rare species and enjoy walking, diving and snorkelling whenever you can. Ask the crew to help you spot giant tortoises, turtles and, thousands of nesting birds.

The Outer Islands

The farthest of the islands, hundreds of kilometres to the south of the main Inner Islands group, you’ll find the most remote Aldabra Atoll. It is the world’s largest raised coral atoll, a World Heritage Site, populated by around 150,000 giant tortoises and thousands of migratory birds.

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