Maldives, the Flower of the Indian Ocean


Maldives, the Flower of the Indian Ocean

8 days
Nautical Miles
  • DAY 1: Male 
  • DAY 2: Male-Vakarufahli BeruThila 
  • DAY 3: Vakarufahli Beru Thila-Maamigli Beru
  • Day 4: Maamigli Beru-Rasdhoo Atoll 
  • Day 5: Rasdhoo Atoll-Bandos
  • Day 6: Bandos
  • Day 7: Meerufenfushi
  • Day 8: Male

Famous Venetian merchant traveller Marco Polo called the Maldives ‘the flower of the Indian Ocean’. The Maldives are like pearls scattered in turquoise waters. A true tropical paradise; the land of eternal summer and a carefree life. Staying here means being surrounded by palm trees, virgin beaches, crystal clear warm waters, turquoise lagoons and magnificent coral reefs with the most colourful marine life; The Maldives are a Mecca for scuba divers and a true heaven on earth, indeed.


Male, where we usually start a charter, is a unique city. As the capital city of the Maldives, it’s the smallest capital in the world at only 2.5 km long and 1 km wide. Size doesn’t matter, though, as Male is the Maldives’ only city.

One of the main attractions of Male is the ‘Old Friday Mosque’, or Huskuru Miskiiy. The main mosque of the country has a golden dome and is made almost entirely out of carved coral stone. This magnificent building reminds us of the grandiose architecture of the past. Another impressive sight of is Male’s Mulee’aage Palace, built by Sultan Mohamed Shamsaddin III and now the residence of the Maldivian Republic President. 

After a lovely time exploring all of Male’s glory, we are ready to set off for an incredible journey through the Maldives’ unique archipelago, with 1.192 coral islands, grouped into 26 coral atolls.


Vakarufahli BeruThila

Our first stop is in the south of Ari Atoll, at a fantastic atoll with white sandy shores. Located in Digurashi, a five-kilometer-wide channel, it is a popular place among divers as it features a wide array of coral and reef fish in all colours of the rainbow. Around the thila, an underwater pinnacle, you’ll find large turtles, moray eels, angelfish, coral groupers, soldierfish, nudibranchs, triggerfish and various pufferfish. There are also large overhangs with beautiful coral roofs. 

Nearby, you’ll find Kudarah Tila (Kudarah Nila) reef, a protected marine reserve with four large coral formations of different shapes and sizes. This is one of the best places for diving in the Maldives – definitely worth your time!


Maamigli Beru

Each day on board bring new sights, stories and discoveries. Today, you will explore Maamigili Beru – an outer reef located in the very south of Ari Atoll.

One of the main occupations of the population of this atoll is making sails. If ‘extreme’ is your second nature and you are seeking adventures,  then you will love Maamigili Beru as the chances of seeing whale sharks are the biggest here.




Rasdhoo Atoll

Rasdhoo Atoll is located in the North Ari Atoll, 60 km west of Male. It’s a small island, at approximately 500×600 m, with a population of about 1200 people. 

Rasdhoo Atoll is the ideal place for snorkeling and diving during any season. Its underwater coral world is striking in its beauty – it is home to many tropical reefs fish, gigantic moray eels and sea turtles. You are almost guaranteed to spot eagle rays during every dive! As a visitor to their extraordinary blue habitat, please don’t lure or scare the animals. Better for each and all is that you ‘freeze’ every now and then to take in the sights and allow the curious fish to approach and inspect you, instead.



There is something very special about this island, and you will instantly know that is true the very second you look at your window here. 

Bandos is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway. Snowy white beaches and lush green forests make this island the main attraction of the Maldives. Those of you who are still quixotic romantics, do not miss the Sunset at Huvan. Sundown at Bandos will make your Maldives travel experience complete: the perfect end to a perfect day in paradise.




Meerunfenfushi, also known as Meeru island, is a beautiful lagoon with immaculate sandy beaches, located in the east of the North Male Atoll right beyond the barrier reef.

Meerunfenfushi is the perfect place for sunbathing and swimming, away from any hustle and bustle. Plunge into silence, meditate amidst the and peace and calm of the palm groves and enjoy the small cozy beaches with their soft, snow-white sand.



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