Greece – Cyclades Islands


Greece – Cyclades Islands

8 days
Nautical Miles
349 miles
  • DAY 1: Athens – Kythnosapprox 38nm
  • DAY 2: Kythnos – Mykonos approx 53nm
  • DAY 3: Mykonos – Paros (via Antiparos)approx 49nm
  • DAY 4: Paros – Santorini (via Ios) approx 50nm
  • DAY 5: Santorini – Milos approx 69nm 
  • DAY 6: Milos – Sifnos(via Poliegos) approx 27nm 
  • DAY 7: Sifnos – Poros approx 33nm 
  • DAY 8: Poros – Athens – approx 30nm 

DAY 1: Athens - Kythnos

Kythnos, with its whimsical craggy coastline, is an amazingly beautiful island. Cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, churches and windmills create a beautiful landscape for those who appreciate idyllic, beguiling beauty of little Greek islands. Katafyki Cave, where local residents hid during WWII, the two-sided Kolona beach (which is actually a spit connecting Kythnos with the island of Saint Luke) and old donkey paths turned into spectacular hiking trails would thrill those who love to move around exploring new places. Thermal springs and warm translucent sea attract those who like splashing fun. In short, Kythnos has something enticing to offer to virtually anyone

DAY 2: Kythnos - Mykonos

Trendy and cosmopolitan, with its signature windmills, Mykonos is extremely popular with international intellectual elite and bohemic circles. You go here for stupendous beaches, a dizzying array of clubs and bars, the biggest open-air Super Paradise, all night parties and world-famous DJs.

Near Mykonos there is an island of Delos, the open-air museum, legendary birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, now uninhabited and open to visitors only till 12 am. It takes several hours to have a comprehensive tour of Delos, but those hours will be very rewarding, leaving behind lingering impressions of this unique location.

DAY 3: Mykonos - Paros (via Antiparos)

Paros, charming and idyllic, was named after the leader of the Arcadians who arrived here in the X century BC. Its propitious location – Naxos, Ios, Mykonos are just a stone’s throw away – and impressive historical buildings in conjunction with fabulous beaches and favourable conditions for windsurfing and other water sports make it an increasingly popular vacation destination.

Planning your Paros stay, make sure you include Panagia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral in your wanderings. This impressive place of worship dates back to the times of Byzantine Empire. Impressive stone work, lovely frescoes, lemon trees in the yard – the visit to this cathedral is relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

DAY 4: Paros - Santorini (via Ios)

Once there was a large, circular-shaped island in the Aegean Sea. A major volcanic eruption occurred around 1450 BC, and the big island broke into five smaller ones, named the archipelago of Saint Irine, or Santorini. Looking at the two bigger chunks – Thira and Thirassia – you can still see the outline of the original island.

The dormant volcano lies between Thira and Thirassia, forming the islet of Palea Kameni. Volcanic activity here was last recorded in 1950, when it caused a major earthquake. Nowadays only thermal springs and hot gases show that the volcano is not extinct.

Thira’s capital is situated on a steep rocky outcrop over the caldera; it is a place of unforgettable beauty.

DAY 5: Santorini - Milos

One of Louvre’s most prized possessions is the legendary statue of Venus de Milo, coming from the island of Milos. Now in Milos you can only see a replica exhibited in the Archaeological Museum, but there are many more reasons to visit the island than just this statue, famous as it may be.

Firstly, there are more beaches here than in any other Cycladic island, and the mind-blowing Sarakiniko Beach, with its lunar landscapes, white pumice formations and whimsical shapes, is also here. Throw in scenic caves, lovely little villages and culinary delights and you get the general idea of what Milos is all about.

DAY 6: Milos - Sifnos(via Poliegos)

Milos is the island to visit for the mind-blowing beaches such as Sarakiniko Beach, with its lunar landscapes, white pumice formations and mischievous shapes. Most of the harbours can be reaches from the side of the sea, on the yacht.

The last but not the least is that one of Louvre’s most prized possessions is the legendary statue of Venus de Milo, coming from the island of Milos.

DAY 7: Sifnos - Poros

Poros is in the south-west of the Saronic Gulf. It is not one, but rather a pair of islands connected by a bridge: larger Kalavria, carpeted with verdant forests, and smaller, craggy Sphairia, with a bustling picturesque town rising amphitheatrically from the harbour.

Opposite from Poros, just 10 minutes away by sea, you reach the Peloponnese coast with its famous lemon grove. If you are travelling in May, be prepared to smell the enticing aroma of lemon blossoms as you sail along the coast in your luxury yacht.

DAY 8: Poros - Athens

Athens is one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of Greece and the cradle of democracy.

The city was built around Acropolis and Lycabettus hills dominating the flatland. According to the legend, it was Athena who threw two rocks from the sky, to help protect the city from enemies.

Walking around the centre of this megapolis, with so many historic buildings and ancient monuments, it is easy to go back in time to the golden age of Greece, when Pericles built Parthenon, the finest specimen of Greek architecture.

Athens is particularly beautiful at night: trendy clubs, fine restaurants and great events make this city an ideal upscale entertainment venue.

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