Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey – 8 Day Itinerary

Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey – 8 Day Itinerary

8 days
Nautical Miles
173 miles
  • DAY 1: Datça – Gökova – approx 24nm
  • DAY 2: Gökova- Symi approx 18nm
  • DAY 3: Symi -Rhodesapprox 25nm
  • DAY 4: Rhodes-Tilos approx 40nm
  • DAY 5: Tilos -Kos approx 30nm 
  • DAY 6: Kos – Kalymnos approx 15nm 
  • DAY 7: Kalymnos Bodrumapprox 25nm 
  • DAY 8: Bodrum: disembarkation approx 30nm

Day1 - Datça

First time Datça was mentioned by an Ancient Greek geographer and historian Strabo, who wrote that Datsa was the beloved spot for beloved people of God. The location is quite spectacular as the majority of other Turkish resorts: bright and boisterous. This area is embellished with incredibly beautiful pines, almonds and olives groves, glittering bays, Blue Flag beaches and virgin nature.


Day2 - Gökova

Gökova Bay is the largest in
waters of the Aegean Sea. It lies to the north of Marmaris, 30 km from
resort and it is called one of the most picturesque and romantic places in the region.
Gyokova or Akyaka (an official name
of the town) is a calm seaside resort in Gulf of Gökova on the Turkish coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Gökova is welcoming harbour for numerous yachts; it has many restaurants with delicious traditional and mediterranean cuisine.  

Day3 - Symi

Symi, located near the coast of Turkey, has its unique elegant style with grand neoclassical buildings, great beaches, landmarks and fantastic cuisine. Symi is definitely an ideal place for diving, different water activities, swimming and sunbathing. Walking along the The best known is the Panormitis Monastery in the south of the island. Archaeological Museum of Symi has in impressive collection from different periods of the island history, including Roman and Byzantine.

Day4 - Rhodes

Rhodes, which is often called the pearl of the Mediterranean, is extraordinarily rich in both natural beauties and archaeological sites. It has been declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.
At the entrance to the harbor once stood the famous Colossus - one of the seven wonders of the ancient world - which is a huge bronze statue depicting the god Helios with a burning torch in his hand. One of his feet rested on one edge of the entrance to the harbor, the other on the other, ships passed in the space between them. This statue, destroyed by a terrible earthquake, is still being sought. However, most likely, the Colossus broke into pieces, which the Saracens sold as bronze.

Day5 - Tilos

Tilos has always been an inspiration for poets and painters. Byzantine monuments, medieval castles, caves, and churches with rare iconography… you’ll be surrounded by the island’s cultural heritage, which the locals play an active role in preserving.  Megalo Horio - is the capital of the island, you can visit the Paleontological Museum, which includes exhibits from the Cave of Harkadio (including the bones of dwarf elephants), and the Church of Taxiarhis, with its impressive crossed domes. Follow the path that leads to the Castle of the Knights at the top of the hill. The view will reward your efforts to climb there.

Day6 - Kos

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago. Thanks to mild warmth, plenty of sunny days and an abundance of freshwater springs, Kos is one of the greenest Greek islands.
It is famous throughout the world as the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. And today Kos attracts tourists primarily thanks to the annual festival "Hippocratic Oath". It is not surprising that the islanders consider Asclepius, an ancient hospital, where, according to legend, with the help of healing waters, skin diseases and other ailments were healed, as their main architectural monument.
Kos is also one of the most ecologically clean corners of the planet.

Day7 - Kalymnos

Kalymnos is located very close to the Turkish coast. The island is known for its rocky natural landscape and it houses several rock climbing clubs, as well as an annual climbing festival. In addition to its lovely scenery, Kalymnos boasts a long sponge-diving tradition.

Day8 - Bodrum

Bodrum is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. The city stands on the Bodrum Bay - the meeting point of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. The blue, warm sea, numerous beaches in the bays, decorated with rocky formations, offer an excellent holiday for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
The city is built up with two- and three-storey snow-white buildings in the Greek style, which give Bodrum a special charm.

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