Greece – Lavrion towards Cyclades


Greece – Lavrion towards Cyclades

8 days
Nautical Miles
184 miles
  • DAY 1: Lavrion – Keaapprox 14nm
  • DAY 2: Kea – Serifos approx 38nm
  • DAY 3: Serifos – Milosapprox 25nm
  • DAY 4: Milos – Ios approx 36nm
  • DAY 5: Ios – Folegandros – approx 17nm
  • DAY 6: Folegandros – Sifnosapprox 22nm
  • DAY 7: Sifnos – Lavrion approx 32nm 
  • DAY 8: Check out at 9:00 a.m.

DAY 1: Lavrion - Kea

Kea is one of the nearest islands to mainland Greece. Sandy beaches, clear water, ancient ruins, lovely overall ambience - that's what Kea is all about.

One of the famous landmarks of Kea is a figure of a lion, carved from local marble in the VI century BC, in the northeast of the island: worth seeing and taking a picture of!

DAY 2: Kea - Serifos

If you are looking for a less touristy, more authentic atmosphere and beautiful beaches that are never crowded, then Serifos should be high on your list of priorities to visit during your charter.

Hora, the capital, lies on the flank of a steep mountain. If you go higher to the mountain top you’ll see the old Kastro with views of Hora harbor, aquamarine sea, and the island of Sifnos nearby: breathtaking views!

DAY 3: Serifos - Milos

Milos is the island to visit when you are looking for mind-blowing beaches. Take for example Sarakiniko Beach with its lunar landscapes, white pumice formations, and mischievous shapes. It is definitely a place worth visiting! Most of the harbors are easy to reach by yacht.

Last but not least is one of Louvre’s most prized possessions: the legendary statue of Venus de Milo, coming from the island of Milos.


DAY 4: Milos - Ios

Ios is a mountainous island with numerous picturesque coves, amazing sandy beaches, countless churches, olive groves, and balmy air.

The island has a history that dates back to prehistoric times. According to the historian Herodotus, Homer was buried here (you can visit his tomb on the hilltop north of the island, complete with fabulous views).

For those who like a good party, Ios also offers quite some pretty good beach clubs.

Day 5: Ios - Folegandros

Folegandros is the smallest inhabited island of the Cyclades, famous for the Church of Panagia (Virgin Mary). The church is located on the top of a majestic cliff over the island's capital, Hora, a really picturesque spot!.

There are pebbly, sandy beaches, numerous breathtaking coves and caves, where you will easily find places to enjoy swimming or snorkeling.

Day 6: Sifnos

Since prehistoric times, it was a well-known fact that the residents of Sifnos were prosperous people thanks to its significant marble deposits (referred to as ‘sifnian stone’), gold- and silver mines. The mines and quarries are no longer in use but Sifnos is blessed with amazing landscapes and stunning beauty of its central parts.

Those who like ceramic pottery and souvenirs can eat their heart out in Kamares. You will also find numerous beautiful churches and can take part in several religious festivities in the summer.

Day 7: Lavrion

Lavrion is the prettiest of the three ports of Attika, Rafina and Piraeus. It feels like a small Greek island on its own. Though little is known today, Lavrion or Laurium has an ancient history.

The location is great to start or finish the charter because it is only about 30 minutes away from the International airport, named after Eleftherios Venezelos. It's even closer to the Cape Sounio, another landmark of the eastern part of Attika which is also worth visiting.


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