Explore the Albanian Riviera and its treasures


Explore the Albanian Riviera and its treasures

4 days
Nautical Miles
210 miles


Explore the Albanian Riviera and its treasures, historic and natural, in the best possible way – during a luxury yacht charter vacation. Give us a call or drop us a line, and we’ll find the vessel and crew that suits your needs best – and that dream vacation will soon become a reality.

  • DAY 1: Sarande – Ksamil Islands – approx 6nm
  • DAY 2: Ksamil Islands – Butrint approx 7nm
  • DAY 3: Butrint Porto Palermo, Himarëapprox 30nm
  • DAY 4: Himarë – Vlorë approx 41nm
  • DAY 5: Vlorë – Durrës approx 52nm 
  • DAY 6: Durrës – Shëngljin approx 32nm 
  • DAY 7: Shëngljin – Bar, Motenegroapprox 28nm 
  • DAY 8: Bar- Budva disembarkation approx 16nm

Day1 - Sarandë

The sensational Albanian Riviera is gaining momentum as a top yachting destination these days, and it is not in the least surprising, given its secluded turquoise beaches, stunning craggy coastline and ancient castles. Saranda, a pearl in the Albanian Riviera crown, is simply brimming with natural wonders and historic treasures.

Saranda may be a relatively small town, but its fine dining establishments adhere to the highest standards. The town is particularly well known for its seafood restaurants. Mare Nostrum Cuisine, SeaSide Artist Terrace Bar Restaurant and Paradise Iguana Club offer fusion European cuisine, wonderful desserts and splendid sea views. Veal stews and layered pies, cabbage rolls and baked lamb with yogurt sauce, crystallized fruit and excellent wines, a cruise in Albania is a foodie’s delight.

Day 2 - Ksamil Islands

The Ksamil islands are just four rocky islets located in the direct proximity to Greek Corfu and the Southern coast of Albania. Sandy Ksamil beaches with clear water, fresh seafood - perfect place to relax. There are so many wonderful things to do in Ksamil islands you’re sure to fall in love with this great city.  The vibe of this small paradise in the south of Albania is the reason why so many yachts gather around to enjoy the unique destination.

Day 3 - Butrint

Caesar’s favourite place, Butrint, a UNESCO World Heritage site, once a prosperous trading city, today is a thrilling open-air museum. The ruins scattered around the park are varied and very well preserved. The shady areas, the little water turtles in the pond around the amphitheatre, the spectacular ancient wall will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time – particularly if you schedule your visit before or well after the arrival of Corfu-Saranda ferry. Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman influence is reflected in the remains of the city. You can see the large amphitheatre – 19 tiers – capable of accommodating five thousand people and the Acropolis, dating back to the III century B.C.  Baptistery and Basilica were constructed in the VI century A.D and the mosaics in the Baptistery are particularly well preserved. These two structures are pertinent to the times of the Byzantine Empire.

Day 4 - Porto Palermo & Himarë

A magnificent Porto Palermo Castle is associated with the name of Ali Pasha, probably the most colourful and atrocious Balkan warlord. Crystal-clear waters of the bay with schools of fish darting around completes the blissful picture. Porto Palermo is a must-visit place if your yachting itinerary takes you to southern Albania. Himare is one of the most beautiful and unspoiled places where you will definitely enjoy nature, go for a swim, or relax in the Albanian sun!

Day 5- Vlorë

Fantastic beaches and 5000 year-old cave writings, mosques and castles, a former military base on an island made accessible to tourists and a WWII shipwreck in the Vlorë Bay, lying at a depth of 18-33 meters – there is plenty to see and do when your luxury yacht makes a stopover in Vlorë for a couple of days, or maybe even weeks. Sazan Island to the south of Vlorë is altogether different. It is a defunct military base, once called “Russia’s secret Gibraltar”. In addition to the island’s solitary bays and lush greenery, you can come across ruins, tunnels and bunkers. You can’t help but feel stirred by the eerie appeal of this place! If you are into ancient history, there is another spot to the south of Vlorë you will not want to miss – Lepenice, some 15 km inland, 800 metres above the sea level, with post-Paleolithic cave art. The Mosque of Muradie, historic and ethnographic museums are attractions within the city itself.

Day 6 - Durrës

The coastal city of Durrës is home to Albania’s largest port—and is one of the country’s most ancient cities. “The eternal city” over the Adriatic has a 3,000-year history, its founding dating back to 627 B.C.E. when the Corinthians and settlers from the ancient Greek Kerkera invaded the Illyrian territory of the Taulantii people. Durrës is a fantastic destination for history and art buffs. Durrës is also perfect for those, longing for sandy beaches and numerous restaurants with a stunning view of the Adriatic, make for a perfect relaxing holiday.

Day 7 - Schëngjin

Shëngjin in Albania has thousands of years of history that has provided this beach city with a unique Mediterranean culture. Home to some of the most historic and heroic moments in Albania's history, the Lezhë district has become well known for its history as much as its sandy coastline. The people of Shëngjin, like the rest of the people of Albania, are known for their hospitality.

Day 8 - Budva

The yacht charter may finish in Budva, Montenegro that is so fascinating that you might be trigged to come there again and explore the beauties of that area. Staying onboard of a yacht - it is always easy to make up a new itinerary and have your "floating villa" (a yacht) ready to conquer new horizons and make new discoveries, so exciting for you and your beloved!

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Luxury Catamaran NUMBER ONE - Bird view


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Azimut Grande 35 Metri

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Babalu - Available for charter


From 16,000 EUR / wk
Bali 5.4
16.80 m
10 guests

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