Off the Beaten Track

For many, traversing the world by yacht is always at least a little about the adventure of being out at sea in luxury. But not everyone takes a liking to a grand adventure. EXMAR Yachting has brokers, captains and crews, and experts on just about every exciting expedition possible for those looking for a yacht charter off the beaten path. 

Unspoilt Destinations

Why venture off traditional routes? A yacht charter off the beaten track takes you to places of unspoilt nature, the dream of marine, wildlife or bird enthusiasts. Marvel at what mother nature has to offer in the more unusual and faraway regions of planet earth. 

Whether it is the Galapagos, Antarctica or a place you’re yet to discover the name of but that surely exists in your wildest dreams and imagination; we’re happy to help assemble your dream itinerary. 


Discover our world

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