Northern Europe & Baltics

Funny how things work: when it comes to yacht holidays, Northern Europe and the Baltics are actually more an up-and-coming destination whereas many non-yacht enthusiasts consider this their regular.

Though it isn’t hard to imagine why some prefer the more tropic regions to explore from the water, you do not have to have Viking roots to appreciate the beauty of the north. During the summer months, when the temperatures are pleasant, the region knows another major advantage: the long periods of daylight allow for incredible cruising opportunities. You might even sail a ‘white night’ away during your yacht charter in northern Europe, where the sun never completely sets.

And though the tropics are gorgeous, few things make you feel as tiny and human as sitting at anchor with a giant Norwegian fjord arching over your yacht. It is true, what northern Europe might lack in temperature, it makes up in rugged, unspoiled vistas. You might do a full 180, preferring the adventure of the north over any other region after your first voyage here. Then, it is time for a yacht charter in northern Europe in the winter months. Not just for the die-hards, a northern European winter brings magic as you’ve never seen before; dog-sled tours, ice hotels onshore and the aurora borealis to top it off.

Baltic Sea

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