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The North Pacific might not be a name you have on your radar, a yacht charter in the North Pacific encapsulates some culturally interesting and naturally stunning regions. From marinas amidst skyscrapers in China to yachting’s final frontier of Kamchatka, the North Pacific is worth your time and attention.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Stretching 1.000 kilometres into the pacific deep is the UNESCO-protected and (amongst sailing-, nature- and culture- enthusiasts) nearly mythical Kamchatka Peninsula. Having tested many explorers to their absolute limits, Kamchatka is open though as a superyacht destination. Explore Russia’s Far East not just by charter, but also by air to really take in its mammoth views. 


Less undiscovered but no less fascinating is Japan, with its mix of world-leading technology and traditional practices. With the most populated city in the world, Tokyo, as its capital, there are plenty of other fascinating sights. Here, a yacht charter in the North Pacific offers views on the impressive Mount Fuji from the seaside. Its vulcanic properties mean untamed, volcanic landscaped with sulphur-rich hot springs. Luckily, local spas are a not-to-miss item on any Japan itinerary.

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