Indian Ocean & South East Asia

Boasting the world’s greatest choice of islands, continents and archipelagos, a yacht charter in the Indian Ocean is the perfect escape to lush and isolated volcanic islands, vibrant nightlife, amazing seascapes and limitless opportunities to relax, explore or get an adrenaline rush.

It should come as no surprise that the stark natural beauty of the islands and coastlines of Thailand and Indonesia have provided the backdrop for countless movies where the Seychelles and Maldives have been the setting of many daydreams.

Cyan blue seas and mysterious islands with magnificent rock outcrops offer yachts hidden grottos and sultry beaches with gentle waves lapping the sand. The crystal clear seas are a diver’s paradise, the fertile rain forests and waterfalls the playground of the adventurous hiker and explorer. The rich fumes of subtly spiced oriental cuisine, the dramatic sunsets against infinite horizons and the sheer diversity of bird, animal and sea life make a yacht charter in the Indian Ocean difficult to turn down.



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